So you’re at the point when you need to add more aesthetic pleasure to your home and create more space for your family to enjoy the weather. So you have so many questions on your lips begging for answers and you’re confused how to go about the whole things. Don’t panic! We’ve all been too. But you’re lucky as you have us to help you unveil the 7 things you need to consider before building your deck.

Over the past few weeks, I have been busy chatting with some friends, mostly Pensacola deck builders to rub minds with them on what homeowners need to consider when building their decks. Adding up all the lessons from different deck builders I have met and my own experience in deck building, I have come up with this topic: 7 things you need to consider before building your deck.

So you’re to jump in, right? But before we go deep into the topic, let’s discuss briefly on why you may need to build a deck for your home.

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Why Building a Deck?

There may be several reasons why homeowners will want to build decks for their homes. The most important one reason for all homeowners is to expand their living space and create a place for their families to enjoy the weather. As good as this may sound, you shouldn’t also forget to consider the general function of decking. This will allow you to plan the design properly and eventually have a deck that will be both aesthetic and functional.

The truth about decking is that it’s not easy to construct and there are so many mistakes you need to avoid (PJ, you can put a hyperlink to relevant article here) as you set to build your own deck.

There are a few factors that you need to consider during designing and building of your deck including planning and decision-making. If you’re just starting out to build a deck, you’ll need to consider the size of your deck, the location where you’ll want to have the deck, the materials to use, the budget, the neighboring landscape, and whether you’re  doing it yourself or hiring a professional.

With all the factors above taken into consideration, here are additional things to consider before building your deck:

1. Purpose and Function of the Deck

I know you probably already know this but it’s worth repeating here again why you should consider the deck’s purpose and function before embarking on the construction.  Right from the outset of the project decide how you’ll want to use your deck. What functions and purpose will the deck serve for you? Some of the functions s deck can serve include:

  • Creating a place for entertainment
  • Creating a place for dining
  • Serving as a spa or pool
  • Using it for an outdoor purposes
  • Access to the House

A good deck should is one that offers you an access to and from the house to the deck. You must consider this in relation to where you want to locate the deck.

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2. Location of the Deck

Sometimes making a decision as to where to locate your deck may not be an easy task for you especially when there are many possible spots to use. In that situation and in whatever case, the function of your deck should help you determine which location will be best to choose.  Other things you should also consider include wind patterns, access to the house, sun direction, and outdoor privacy, among others.

3. Privacy

Don’t forget one of the ways your deck could function in your yard is by offering an outdoor privacy from your neighbor. If you’ve not already considered this, now is the time to include it in your decision making process.

4. Are you hiring a Professional or Doing it yourself?

Depending on your expertise and the simplicity of the deck you plan to have in your yard, you can choose to build your deck yourself. This will save you money. And it’s advisable to choose DIY option only if you need just a simple platform deck and you’re confident you have the skills necessary for designing a deck. Of course, building a simple platform deck isn’t a brainer.

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But if you’re looking for a more detailed design, it’ll be better to hire a professional. This will save you time and at the end you’ll have an aesthetic design you have ever dreamed for. Plus, a deck professional will help you plan the design, choose the right materials, and help you figure out the rough cost estimate of the project.

5. Materials

While wood is the most common deck building material, it isn’t the only decking material available. When choosing wood material, there are options such as cedar and redwood, which can be either sealed or stained. You can also opt for other decking materials that need less maintenance than wood.  Decking materials choices available include wood, recycled plastic materials in composite decks, or metal such as premium hardwoods, pressure-treated woods, PVC, and aluminum decking

6. Building Codes and Permits

With the huge frustrations homeowners face from permitting departments when trying to sort out rules, getting a building permit for your home remodeling can be very difficult. Before taking the jump into building a deck, make sure you’ve done your homework to determine when you need a permit for your remodeling project. You may want get a copy of your local authority (of course, you should) to know what codes and permits are required to build a deck. Or better still, you can hire a profession deck builders and designers to help you with all the stress including local codes and regulations.

7. Wrapping

Building a deck shouldn’t necessarily be as it frustrating as many think if you know what to consider before taking the plunge. With all the above 7 factors taken into consideration, you shouldn’t go wrong building a deck that will suit your purpose and functions.